Pengaruh Litbang, Industri dan Perguruan Tinggi Terhadap Minat Generasi Muda Bekerja di Sektor Keantariksaan dengan Pendekatan Triple Helix Network

Intan Perwitasari, Agil Sutrisnanto


Partnership in human resource development can not be separated
from the role of aerospace science and technology actors through
space education and mindedness. The partnership aims to reduce lag
of technology in the industry, R & D and higher education. One of the
strategic issues in human resources elements is low interest of young
people to work in space sector. With reference to the concept of an
ideal partnership R & D in the National Innovation System, then the
question is how effective the role of actors in science and technology
in growing interest of young generation amid human resource needs
encouragement and regeneration. This study aimed to analyze that
the effect of relationship variables of R & D, industry and higher
education to the interest of the young generation in Indonesia space
sector. The method of analysis used was Partial Least Square (PLS),
by taking a sample of 139 respondents conducted in four universities
with purposive sampling method and triple helix network analysis.
Results of treatment with SmartPLS is no positive effect variable
space research, space industry, higher education to interest in the
young generation. It is caused by low coordination between space
research, space industry and higher education to built capacity
buiding in joint research. Space research likes LAPAN has been
given mandate to build space education, and to be a design center of
space technology for industry.

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