Journal History

The history of STI Policy and Management Journal spans back over 35 years.  It began in 1979 with the publication of Indonesian R&D Management Magazine (Warta Pengelolaan Penelitian dan Pengembangan), which was published four  times a year and contained only articles related to R&D management.  The magazine functioned as a media for knowledge sharing and communication between the participants of R&D management courses. At the time, it was the only scientific magazine on R&D management. In 1990, the R&D Management Magazine became the National R&D Management Journal, published two times a year containing articles on R&D management, innovation management and  R&D commercialization. In early 2003, the title of the journal was changed from the R&D Management Journal into the S&T Policy and R&D Management Journal (Warta Kebijakan Iptek dan Manajemen Litbang). The new title reflected the extension of journal coverage into S&T policy-related issues. The journal published diverse articles concerning not only S&T policy and R&D management, but also management of technology and innovation policy. It contained scholarly reviewed articles on STI policy and management.

In 2015, the S&T Policy and R&D Management Journal (Warta Kebijakan Iptek dan Manajemen Litbang) was not only published as printed journal but also published online.

Starting from 2016, the title of the journal was changed into STI (Science, Technology and Innovation) Policy and Management, first published in print and online in July 2016. Its focus and research areas remain the same; however, the title was changed first to truly reflect the actual coverage of journal, and second as the journal had gained an international status. The journal editors are prominent reviewers in their expertise on STI policy and management and  come from various academic affiliations in five continents.

Previously this journal was published by the Center for Science and Technology Development Studies at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (Pappiptek-LIPI). Since 2021 this jurnal is published by National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), Indonesia